Ahmed Saeed Chohan

I’m a 70 year old male who had my first MI in 2001 at the age of 55 years. I felt pain on my back and both my arms. I was seen by a GP who diagnosed it to be cardiac related. I was referred for an ECG at Midlands Hospital who did the ECG and transferred me to Greys Hospital. A stress ECG and ECHO was done and then I was transported to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital where an MRI and stress ECG was done on me. I was treated with medication. I experienced shortness of breath as well as phlegm in the lungs due to smoking. I experienced pain on both my knees, ankles and as well as my fingers. I used to get tired when climbing stairs. There is a big difference in me. I feel much better. I no more experience pains on my knee, shoulder, neck and hands. I do not get tired as compared to before and I no more experience shortness of breath. I’m now able to walk with no problems the staffs at the centre are very good.