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Devarajan S Moodley

I’m a 61 year old male who was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 2000 and was treated with medication since then. In 2002 I experienced chest pains and visited a GP. A cardiologist from St Augustine’s performed an ECG, Echo and an angiogram on me. I suffer with shortness of breath. I get tired when I walk upstairs and I have pain under my feet as well as pains on my neck and back. My legs also pain even while I’m walking or running. I suffer with chest pains as well as irregular heartbeats and also numbness on both my palms. I feel much lighter I can now bend to pick up objects without any pain. My back ache has improved drastically. My face skin tone is now brighter. The pain in my neck has improved and I now can walk up the stairs easily without any problem. No more shortness of breath and chest pain. Very efficient staff always helpful and caring.