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Gopie Reddy

In December 2015 I had chest discomfort. I visited my GP and was transferred to Gateway Hospital. I was on IV antibiotic for 3 days. A lung function test was done on me with a pulmonologist and an echo test with a cardiologist. I had lost my sense of balance after being hospitalised. I had irregular sleep patterns and as swelling of my feet. The use of the neti pot as advised by Dr Mohanlall has assisted greatly with the post nasal drip. My sleep pattern improved slightly. I only sleep well when I’m very tired. The swelling of my feet has disappeared. My breathing has improved. I can run up hill with ease and no problem. Drop in insulin intake from 36 units to 25 units and now dropped insulin to 15 units in the morning. Excellent staff. Very dedicated to their work, not something one finds easily today. Very professional and very client friendly. Feel at ease with them. Run very professionally.