Hafiza Khan

I am a 63 year old female who is diabetic from the age of 35 years. I have hypertension from 50 years old and experience reflux for the past 20 years. I use antacids and suffer from chronic constipation for the last 20 years. In May 2015 I experienced severe dyspnoea at rest and saw a doctor at hospital who did an ECG and angiogram. The angiogram showed that I collateralized and I was put on medication. I experienced tiredness and shortness of breath on mild to moderate exertion. I kept seeing doctors every six months for echo and ECG. In May 2016 I experienced severe shortness of breath and was hospitalized. During the angiogram the doctors had difficulty accessing the femoral arteries and they suggested a bypass surgery for me. I experienced joint pains and pains in the ankle, knees and back. I coughed a lot and had a tight chest. I slept a lot due to fatigue. Before starting ECP I had no quality of life. I could not even walk from my bedroom to the bathroom. After starting ECP I have a renewed lease of life. I feel healthier. I feel happy that I can do daily chores. I can now walk without my walking aid. External Counterpulsation treatment also helped give me an emotional motivation to live my life healthier by exercising and eating healthy .External Counterpulsation benefits are excellent. The staff is pleasant, professional and very supportive. Dr Mohanlall’s expertise impressed me. I am very thankful to Dr Mohanlall for his care and support during my treatment. Two options-for treatment-one with a guest house for accommodation and transport for patient out of Durban or a mobile satellite treatment