Swami Premananda Puri

I am 70 years old. In 2004 I had bells palsy with left side facial droop. I had acupuncture done and my face returned back to normal. I am diabetic since the age of 50 years. I am hypertensive. I had sinus post nasal drip for the past 10 years. 3 years ago I started experiencing a burning sensation on both my feet.  I was fine until February 2016. Then during a trip to India I experienced shortness of breath after 1 week and lack of energy. I had loss of balance. This did not improve. I was admitted to a private hospital in May 2016 for 1 week. I was treated by a physician and cardiologist. An angiogram was done which showed all was clear. I was discharged and readmitted for vomiting the same day. An MRI confirmed TIA. I was in hospital for another 2 weeks where I got infected with the CRE virus. I lost 20kgs in these 3 weeks. I felt terrible and was not recovering. My doctor then recommended that I see Dr Mohanlall. My health has improved tremendously. Each day has been a new experience. I’m well energised and can now move about very comfortably. Firstly I commend Dr Mohanlall and staff for the wonderful manners and love. Most wonderful very hospitable and loving nature. Keep it up. God’s grace and blessings to you all. There is perfection already. Just continue. You have the grace.

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